Walmart Canada has gone nuts!

This is ridiculous, this is how models kits are being priced and posted on Walmart Canada site. WTF?? If you search online for answers you get. “Walmart has raised its prices online to increase instore traffic”  Oh Really?! Well that’s funny because when I went to my local walmart they said “We stopped selling model kits 4-5 years ago” HUH? I’m in the store! you got me here! you dangled the steak and I bit!

Isn’t there a law against false advertising? Are there no laws against price gouging?

What is this online presence we are seeing? Can I sell my stuff on the walmart site too? these kits have a third party name beside the details, it looks like an amazon page to me. It’s not exactly representing Revell, Amt and others very well is it, I would think the model companies hope to inspire the youth to get into model building like we did and not scare them away, which in my opinion is all this is doing. sad


I personally have never paid more than 12.99 for ANY model Walmart had in stock, with the exception of those 3 Pack boxing day deals that came out EVERY year. Yup, 3 model kits with paint and glue 14.99 !! infact I still have an unopened ones right here. The 4 pack was 19.99