How to rust model cars without spending a ton of cash.

Start buy submerging a couple steel wool pads in water and some sort of plastic dish, old butter tub, etc. Leave this outside for a few days and try to keep it moist, adding a bit of water when needed. In about a week’s time, you will see the rust eating the pad away…at this point, you can stop adding water and just leave it dry up.

You will end up with a lifetime supply of rust power. Next, we will take a trip to the local dollar store and grab a 3 oz squeeze bottle of art paint. ┬áDC11 Med. brown where I live, and one black. This is a water clean up paint, so it’s great to work with.

You now have the main elements behind what we are doing. Using a dremel type rotary tool, you can engrave the area’s you want rusted.

Now we take our brown (adjusted to our liking) dab it on the graved areas and start sprinkling the rust on from a few inches above. It will look messy but just leave it be…let this dry for hours if not overnight.

When dry, we now take a dry paint brush and begin dusting it off until we achieve the desired surface.