WuD U Get?

Did you know that AMT’s ’72 Pontiac GTO comes with a dragway xmas tree? yuuup…really nice too. Yet no indication on the box whatsoever, I was very surprised to discover…

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AMT 58 Ford Edsel Pacer -from inside the box

The Ford Edsel.  A car that was considered a failure when new has become extremely desirable and rare nowadays.       AMT have replicated this model perfectly,  from the detailed 361cu.in.…

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62 Impala

62 Impala junkyard junker. This is the AMT kit, comes with the stock steely rims and side glass


MPC’s  Dodge van from the movie “Cannonball Run” transcon medi-vac van in 1/25 scale. The body is a solid panel van, not the window model as in the movie. MPC…

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Datsun 510

Revell’s Datsun 510 in 1/25 scale. Was reproduced in other forms up until 2006, should still be fairly easy to find. Has a nice 4 banger, opening hood, detailed interior,…

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