Ford Pinto collision

Ford Pinto (AMT) rear end collision. Yes, a bit of a rare kit to trash but I’m all in with this stuff so way she goes. I decided to use the 72 Chevelle, (also AMT) to wack the Pinto simply because it was within reach at the time. Most of the work is done with an airbrush, then my rust technique. The pinto has a lot of wire work inside to simulate the material being burnt off.

How I did it:

I used flat black base to start off the scorched area’s, with the remaining black base still in the jar, I then dumped in some bright orange, until I had a favorable brown color. That is now sprayed around the outer edges of the scorch marks. While this brown color is still wet, I then sprinkle some rust powder on the entire area, allowing that to fully dry. After drying (2hrs), take a dry brush, any size, and dust off the excess rust powder.

Next I mix up some dull coat and begin sealing the entire body. This was also used to get that white water staining look, simply by applying extra dull coat to those area’s.