Scale Model Workshop

1/25 scale workshop, holds 6 models but is currently displayed as an abandon scene.

71 Charger Barnfind

71 Charger inside derelict building, awaiting rescue.

77 Dodge Monaco 4 door Sedan

77 Dodge Monaco by AMT (joker goon car) No easy chore to make a plastic model look like a burnt car but here’s mine. This isn’t my first burn unit…

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57 Chevy

This 57 Chevy kit is a bit of a surprise, on the cover of the box is a 57 “posty” but that’s not the case, It’s a hard top. They…

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40 Ford Coupe and Trailer

40 Ford Coupe by AMT and tandem trailer from the Modified Stocker series “Hauler and Truck” which also came with the 53 Ford pick up. (not seen here) but will…

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Chevy Tow Truck

1950 Chevy Tow Truck This was based on the AMT kit in 1/25 scale with an entirely scratch made boom and cradle.