AMT 72 Chevy pickup truck, Monogram Vette and a resin cast A100 Dodge Van. All sent to the scrap yard.

Check my gallery pages for pictures, unfortunately I no longer have these builds as they were sold on ebay, so I’m not able to update any photos of them. I do still have corvette test shot models, was planning to make a model of the GM assembly line with them.


The resin Van was built using a model body I purchased on ebay, then I had to buy the “lil Red Wagon” by Lindberg to use for the chassis and glass. Resin models are not easy to work with, for one thing, model cement does not stick to resin, you have to use super glue. Also before you even start ANYTHING, the body needs to be soaked in soapy water and gently scrubbed. They have a residue of silicone on them which makes for a nightmare on paint day as well as for the super glue to stick.  paddy-wagon