AMT 1/25 66 Mustang

Built as a restorable barn find, spare parts inside, motor was yanked exposing hoses and lines. Its weathered pretty hard, holes in the floor boards, ripped up seats, etc.

The kit isn’t all that detailed, infact I think its from an older die, the molded suspension, cheezy motor kind, its a wonder the hood opens. I added the 1/4 windows, engine plumbing, gas neck, arial and steely rims of course.

On this build I primed the body grey, I taped off the trunk and fender, etc. ¬†Next I used a water spray bottle to mist a few area’s (very little from far back). Then mixed up some red basecoat and shot that on using my airbrush. ¬†After 30 mins I wiped the body down using paper towel and watched the painted skim away where ever the mist was applied. Next, I used some dark brown latex artist paint, thinned out (1/2 water) to give the entire car a wash, just paint it on a section at a time and wipe off immediately. Now I rip off the tape and start to junk it as I build.

Bottomline, I got me a nice lil shtang to stick in the back 40 of my scale diorama junkyard, or sell on ebay, hmmmm.