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The Ford Edsel.  A car that was considered a failure when new has become extremely desirable and rare nowadays.
      AMT have replicated this model perfectly,  from the detailed V8 to the clean right down to the two piece hubcaps (not used on my model). Every aspect of this kit is a builders delight- It is well molded with no excess flash & everything fits nicely.  It comes with whitewall tires, a separate chassis frame, driver’s exterior mirror, radio antenna & very clean and crisply molded interior details being some standout features.
      For my version if the Edsel I chose to exchange the hubcaps for some open RetroSpectsteel wheels, lower the rear suspension and remove the “Edsel” script from the rear fender panels. The body trim was also treated to some BMF. The interior received some detail painting and BMF as well as some dark brown flocking in the carpet areas. In the engine compartment I added ignition wires, battery cables, fuel line and a vacuum advance line, from the distributor to the carby. Heater hoses are included in the kit.
      Unfortunately this kit has nothing in the way of extra parts, however the same kit was also released with a rear continental kit and fender skirts.
      This is an older model kit now, but is still available, at reasonable prices, with a quick internet search. If you have thought about grabbing this kit- Do it! I rate it as a 9.5/10 -RetrospectKustoms