The 32 Ford Street Rod by Revell

This is the 1/25 scale “Amigo Pack” 32 Ford by Revell. I had hoped to build this as a Hi-Boy without the fenders and running boards but this kit has the 1 piece molded frame/fender, unlike the AMT 32 which has separate frame, etc. So this kit is made to build “box stock”.

The wheel options are limited because of the wide axles that pass thru the supplied rims. Your trimming the rear axle down if you change rims.

I was able to kitbash some rims from the vintage monogram “Lil Coffin” kit.

The interior tub is molded in one piece too, making it harder to detail the seat, door panels and flocking to the floor. On the upside, if you are looking for a super fast and easy box stock kit, this one is great.

I will update these pics when I finish up.