68 Plymouth Roadrunner, Satelite, Belvedere Resto Project

Take your favorite color, spray it into a jar, grab some flatener, dull coat, whatever and spray equal amount into the same jar.

Now using an airbrush, spray the body in light coats until colored. Finish off by holding the airbrush strait over the car (roof) about 12” away…and watch how the top gets sun beaten, stay off the sides!.

I then did my usual rust routine and added foil tape to simulate some metal patch work on the rear 1/4 panel lip. Glued the hood springs on, poked out a tail lite and smacked out a window.  Another thing I like to do is cut the lower part of the fender away, thin the back of it out (dremel tool) and bend it a bit outward. I find little touches like that really ad a lot. Experiment!