Plymouth Roadrunner Junker

AMT 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner built as a junker, I went with less weathering on this one, making it seem a bit more restorable, I guess “barnfind” would describe it as well. This was a quick build at 10hrs over a few days. This model comes with side windows, I wish more of them did, I make my own most of the time, can’t have a boneyard with all the windows down can we?

I almost made a gasser out of this kit, it’s not too late, I have 3 unbuilt still. They are left overs from the ol Walmart days, remember that?  And why’d they stop selling models anyways? pfft. They used to have those awesome 3 paks for 14.99 right around the holidays, man I thought nothing of dropping a couple hundred to fill a cart.