1956 Ford Victoria

That old AMT classic Vicky kit, I swear I built this car 100 times since childhood. It’s one of those kits that the box still weighs the same after the car is built! At one time it was sold as a 3 in 1 kit, stock, custom or racing.
These days it doesn’t mention that on the box, but most of the original options are still in the kit to go 1 of 3 ways. Seems a lot has been lost in translation over the years, including the amazing box art back then.

On my bench now is another weathered down Vicky, It’s actually Black & Red tho the camera is not picking that up, I filtered one pic to force it. Here’s some progress pics so far. Often when the chassis is hogged out for rust holes, it causes them to warp, this leads to over night clamping while the glue hardens.

This is about the stage where I have most of my areas of rust planned out and will now finish complete assembly before the final weathering. The next post will be the final product.