A model bus in 1/25 Scale never existed, or did it?

I discovered a secret about 15 yrs ago and kept it to myself (purchasing reasons) 🙂 I bought every one that landed on ebay, sometimes getting it for as little as $7. What I discovered is the Isuzu Bonnet Bus by ARII was sold as being 1/32 scale, clearly a misprint that never got corrected. As you can see below, a 1/25 AMT 1950 Chevy front end glues right on, I did not alter the width at all. The rims and tires are spot on to real life 16” wheels, wonderful detail as well, soft rubber, etc.

The kit was sold over the yrs with many disguises, but as long as it is the ARII Isuzu Bonnet Bus in 1/32, your good to go.

Here is where I’m at with my latest bus build, I used 2 Bonnet bus kits to stretch this to a full size bus, I also grafted on a 1.25 scale 55 Chevy (AMT kit) front clip. Long ways to go yet but its coming along.