Dirty Donny Custom Van Kit in 1/25 scale

I paid 30.00+ shipping for this kool box cover that displays what I thought was a short wheel base Chevy van but its actually a long base, sorta plain jane van.

It does have some nice ground effects and the decal set is HUGE. The interior is very basic, 2 seats and a dog house, it would have been a bit better if they used the A-Team van for this, it has a lot of neat extra’s including wheel flares and 2 grills to build as a mid 70s round headlite van or the later square headlite 78-79 van.
I bought this kit just for my junkyard to build as a shop/delivery truck, so no disappointments here.

However, If you really want a full custom SHORTY van to build a wild 70s replica complete with interior parts like TVs and diamond tuck upholstery, etc. Grab yourself an older Revell kit or MPC (if you don’t mind paying a bit more).
One favorite that comes to mind is the Revell “Quicksand” Chevy van. It even comes with an awesome dirt bike and dune buggy w/trailer!

Revell nailed it on that end, there are several versions available on ebay.