55 Chevy Gasser

1/25 scale 55 Chevy built as an old Gasser, based on the kit by AMT but used parts from 3 other kits for all the components.

Dodge L-700 Wrecker

A Dodge L-700 wrecker in 1/25 scale. Built as an old retired tow truck left to rot in some junkyard. I used the Lindberg L-700 Hauler to start with and…

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1969 Ford Galaxie, SHTF-Zombie Killer

I’m finally back on the SHTF Prepper/Zombie Killer. It’s the 1969 Ford Galaxie by AMT in of course, 1/25 scale. I still have much weathering to do, but I think…

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How to rust model cars

Start buy submerging a couple steel wool pads in water and some sort of plastic dish, old butter tub, etc. Leave this outside for a few days and try to…

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1960 Ford Starliner

1960 Ford Starliner (AMT) This is a really nice kit, I love the detail, aside from sanding out the mold lines, the body had a dimple in the center of the roof…

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Junkyard Junker Chevy Wagon

Junkyard Junker Chevy Wagon Another Revell wagon build, this 66 Chevy wagon was built for my diorama some years ago. I don’t remember which kit the roof rack came from…

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